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    If the marketing strategies you’re using are pretty much similar to that of your competitors, you’ll never be able to obtain an unfair advantage over them. It’s exactly because of this that businesses nowadays are keen on looking for innovative, and unique marketing strategies to give them the competitive edge that they need to get …

    The post Unique Marketing Tips to Get You More Customers appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    © Nomad_Soul/ Dollar Photo Club To put the global popularity of social media into proper perspective, allow me to share with you some statistics from as of August 2015. And mind you, these figures are projected to quickly increase each month. The figures are quite staggering, aren’t they? However, if you think these …

    The post Social Media Monitoring is a Must for Your Business. Find Out Why. appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    According to TopRank, 93% of B2B marketers are now using content marketing. What this message is telling us is that content marketing is recognized by a lot of marketers as a “must-have” arsenal for their marketing campaigns. However, while a lot of marketers may be using this marketing method, you can bet that a good …

    The post Content Marketing Done Wrong: How to Fail Miserably at Content Marketing appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    There is more to creating a business website than just making sure that it looks professional. That is, if your goal for having one is to get more sales online. Sadly, not many business owners are aware of this. As far as most of them are concerned; provided that their website looks appealing, then it …

    The post Stop Losing Potential Customers: Use These Sales Optimization Tips Now appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    While content marketing is in fact an amazing tool that you can use to get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to your website; not everyone that’s using it are getting real results. Whether you’ll succeed at growing your traffic or not, has a lot to do with how you’re running your content marketing campaign. …

    The post 10 Content Marketing Checklists Proven to Skyrocket Your Monthly Traffic appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    “The effectiveness of social media comes from its ability to tap into the most intrinsic desire among us — the desire to share.” – Ankit Oberoi You can read all you want about how to create a shareable content; however, just like learning how to drive a car, you’ll never really learn how to do it …

    The post The Secret Sauce to Creating Shareable Content appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    In the US alone, social networking is ranked as the top online activity, with one typical American allotting 37 minutes per day on social media websites (according to Go Gulf Dubai Web Design Company). In addition to that, Global Web Index revealed that 28% of the average online users’ time in the general population, is …

    The post 5 Social Media Productivity Tips for Busy Professionals appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    The eCommerce industry has become a gold mine of opportunity in the modern world. Without leaving your home, you can have access to the tools, connections, and resources that you need to set up shop and start running a business. If you’re oblivious about how the whole thing works, yet you are determined to open …

    The post The Anatomy of a Successful eCommerce Site appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    The dreaded blank white page. Joe has been staring at it frustratingly for hours. His fingers are all stretched, eager to start typing, but he can’t even figure out what his topic should be about. What’s worse? Just minutes ago he was so inspired after having read an amazing blog post about how other writers …

    The post How to Uncover Business Blog Topics Your Audience Are Craving For appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    Here’s the thing, I’m guessing that by now, you’ve read somewhere on the internet how someone has gotten bajillions of leads or how someone has quadrupled their sales using contests. At this point, you might even already be convinced that running a contest is the silver bullet that you need to achieve the business breakthroughs …

    The post Contest Marketing: Take Your Business to Greater Heights Using Contests appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    Are you looking for marketing wisdom bombs that will help you skyrocket your online sales? I have one for you — use discount coupons. You’re probably thinking, “Meh. I tried that already… I didn’t get a single sale. Nada. None. Zilch!” Here’s the thing, using discount coupons is pretty much like using other marketing methods, …

    The post How to Use Coupon Marketing to Skyrocket Your Online Sales appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    “I’m sorry…”, these are the last two words that your supervisor uttered as he told you to leave the company. The experience is quite surreal. As you sit in your office chair and stare at the ceiling as you slowly take everything in, you couldn’t tell if what’s happening is real, or if everything is …

    The post Are You Starting an Online Business? Read this First. appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    It stinks to high heavens whenever you compete against a brand with an established online presence. These uphill battles are often time-consuming, expensive, tedious, and frustrating. This is especially true if you don’t have a clearly defined Internet marketing strategy, let alone a high-impacting one that’s going to give you an edge over your competitors. …

    The post Skyrocket Your Business Growth Using These Killer Marketing Strategies appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    One of the best possible marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business’s bottom line is coupon marketing, and I’m not just hypothesizing here. In fact, there are several data, and statistics gathered all over the web that would back this idea — some of which I’ll share with you below. If you’re …

    The post The Coupon Effect: Why Your Business Needs it Now More than Ever appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    Let me guess: You are sick and tired of seeing the same number of email subscribers on your web dashboard, aren’t you? You keep hearing from the experts that the money is on the list, yet as you endeavor to grow your email subscribers, you barely get any results. At this point, you’re just about …

    The post 3 List Building Strategies that Still Works Like Magic! appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    Like every year prior, 2017 is your year! You are going to lose 15 pounds, clean out your garage, be a better spouse, and make a gazillion dollars from your business. Maybe your business has plateaued, maybe it’s not where it should be, maybe you just launched, or maybe it is on the brink of …

    The post 10 Ways to Make Your Business a Success in 2017 appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.

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    Social media has become much more visual over the years, and it should come as no surprise that photos have taken center stage. For businesses, that means they need to be able to come up with photos that look good, stand out, and are able to grab the attention of their audience — or risk …

    The post 3 Ways to Come Up with Better Photos for Social Media appeared first on Guild of Bloggers.